BFLH 8 is the 8th episode of Battle for Luxurious Hotel season 1, and the 8th overall episode. AOS confirmed this episode will be released in August, though rumoured to be June 22nd. Not much is known besides one contestant will get eliminated, and one character will rejoin.

Votes Edit

There are 4371 total votes. 669 elimination votes, and 3702 rejoin votes. Voting has ended.

Elimination Edit

Contestants Votes Percentage
Sticker pose Sticker 45 6.7%
Tape pose Tape 69 10.3%
Squirty Squirt Gun 135 20.2%

Cowboyhat Cowboy Hat

203 30.3%
Waffleboi Waffle 217 32.4%

Rejoin Edit

Contestants Votes Percentage
BowlingBallPose Bowling Ball 12 0.3%
BeachBallPose Beach Ball 87 2.4%
Banana BFLH Banana 101 2.7%
Crowny Crown 149 4%
Untitled40 20190119144932 Headphones 1,674 45.2%
Tie pose Tie 1679 45.4%

Sneak Peak Edit

AnimationObjectShow released a sneak peak on August 3rd, 2020, implying it will be released in mid August, to late September. Another short sneak peak was released on his second channel, AOS TV.

Plot Edit

The trailer starts with Squirt Gun, telling Cowboy Hat he could have plummeted in to the forest down the hill. This inspires him to do so, so he willingfully spins down the hill. Squirt Gun goes to tell Blazzip that Cowboy Hat is gone. Being the jerk he is, he tosses Squirt Gun down the hill. The two are in a lake, making Cowboy Hat, who is getting creepy vibes from the place, quite wet.

In the Elimination Area, Bowling Ball is thrown at the ceiling, making a hole, much to Banana's concern. Beach Ball requests they find a plug. Tie, as a result, chucks him up.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the closest BFLH Voting Period ever, with Tie, and Headphones' votes only being 5 votes apart.
    • There are actually closer voting periods. Windows 7 (Object Invasion), and Taco (BFB) were eliminated by 1 vote.
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