“I'm the host now, instead of that other crummy guy!”
-Blazzip, talking about Pizza to the contestants.

Blazzip is the new host of Battle for Luxurious Hotel, as of BFLH 7. He killed Pizza in said episode, which made the majority of the viewers hate him.

Appearance Edit

Blazzip is a weird blue rectangle-ish thing, who may be an alien. He has blue horns, yellow eyes, and a turquoise mouth. He has limbs similar to Four, X, and Two from BFB, indicating he may be a similar species to them. He is animated similar to them too.

Personality Edit

Blazzip is very mean, evil, and strict towards the contestants. He hurts them, punishes them, is mean to them, and is very selfish, even forcing them to pleasure him, like when he told Strawberry to laugh at his joke.

Coverage Edit

In Run, Run, Until It's Done!, Blazzip is first seen fighting over a button with Pizza, interrupting Squirt Gun, Cowboy Hat, and Strawberry's conversation. Once Blazzip gets a hand of the button, he presses it, and launches a light beam at him. It turns Pizza into paper, who questions why he did that. Blazzip rips Pizza, much to everyone's surprise.

After he introduces himself, he says Pizza is a crummy guy, and goes on about his crums, boring everyone. After Bread says she doesn't get it, he tells her to laugh at his joke. She does an unconvincing laugh, and he tells her to stop laughing, as it was not that funny. He looks around, and threatens the contestants to say if anyone was going to disagree with that. Bowling Ball is happy, because he thinks that he can't be eliminated at Rivalry Revenge, which Blazzip disagrees with.

At the elimination, he says the prize is getting shot with a toy gun. Strawberry tells him that isn't really a surprise, only with him shushing her, and shooting her because he thought it was funny. Blazzip mentions that he is epic because he stole the votes from (the dead) Pizza. He said that there was probably less votes than last time. After Bowling Ball tells him to get on with it, the elimination (finally) starts.

The eliminated contestants can hear the elimination through the speaker. They hear him announce Calculator is safe, and Crown finds it weird that it doesn't really sound like Pizza. It is then said that Net is safe, despite being extremely boring, which Tie finds funny. Then, Strawberry is safe, leaving Paddle, and Bowling Ball. Blazzip thinks it is obvious who is getting eliminated.

He says to Paddle that he is sorry... That she has to stay in the terrible game for another day, and says to Bowling Ball that he get out. Bowling Ball says that he no-one cares, and he doesn't care either. Blazzip then launches him to the eliminated contestants area. He later says that the eliminated contestants that they have a chance to rejoin, but he'll get to it later.

Trivia Edit

  • He, Pizza, and Calculator are the only characters who have hosted BFLH. However, they all hosted in different periods.
  • If you spell Blazzip's name backwards, you get Pizza lb. Lb means pounds, so Blazzip's name could mean Pound Pizza.


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