Bowling Ball is a male contestant in the first season of Battle for Luxurious Hotel.

He got eliminated in the seventh episode, and according to the BFLH 8 votes, got the least to rejoin the game. It is unknown wether he will return at any point, in this season, or future ones.

Personality Edit

Bowling Ball is usually very mean, especially to Beach Ball. He thinks that he doesn't need help.

Appearance Edit

Bowling Ball is a dark blue bowling ball. His eyes and mouth are white instead of black unlike the rest of the contestants, however, his limbs are still black. He seems to have cracks on his side, as of Run, Run, Until It's Done!.

Kills Edit

  • Deflates Beach Ball, by squashing him, in BFLH 7.

Deaths Edit

  • May have drowned when he was stuck in the water.

Trivia Edit

  • According to BFLH 7, and Tie, he gets cracks when he stresses about things.
  • He is the only contestant with white eyes and mouth.


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