Giggle Until You Drop is the second episode of Battle For Luxurious Hotel which premired on January 24th 2018.

Plot Edit

Before Rivalry Revenge: Edit


Rivalry Revenge: Edit


Challenge: Edit


Stinger: Edit


Votes Edit

547 Votes were casted in total

Character Votes
Paddle 26 (1st Safe)
Calculator 29 (2nd Safe)
Squirt Gun 30 (3rd Safe)
Sticker 38 (4th Safe)
Bread 71 (Last Safe)
Headphones 353 (OUT)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode of BFLH where a contestant is eliminated
  • This episode is the first one to feature a Rivalry Revenge segment

Goofs Edit

  • The lip-sync in some parts are off
  • The background doesn't move
  • The headphones limbs stay black when falling into the elimination place, when they should turn white.
  • At 1:27, Bowling Ball has Black eyes.
  • At 1:58, Net's limbs and face don't move
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