Pizza was the host of Battle for Luxurious Hotel in until Run, Run, Until It's Done!. Blazzip turned him into paper, and ripped him. He is often used as AnimationObjectShow's OC.

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Pizza is a slice of Pepperoni Pizza, with a brown crust. He has shading on his face, but not on his pepperoni, or crust. He has a black, thin outline.

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Pizza usually acts nice around the contestants, and unlike most hosts, cares about most of his contestants, such as Banana. Only the nice contestants, and not mean ones like Bowling Ball, Tie, Crown, and Headphones.

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  • Pizza is voiced using AnimationObjectShow's normal speaking voice, similar to Brian Griffin from the animated sitcom, Family Guy.
    • This is probably due to him being AOS' main OC.
  • He was not going to be AOS' OC, but ended up replacing Dorito.

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