"Run, Run, Until It's Done!" is the seventh episode of Battle for Luxurious Hotel. It was published on Saturday, September 7, 2019.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Cowboy Hat and Squirt Gun having a conversation about how Cowboy Hat was in the final two in a previous episode with Tie. Cowboy Hat responds with that it was probably because of the joke he told Pizza. Squirt Gun asks him to tell that joke, but Cowboy Hat responds with "Well, maybe not right now."

Cowboy Hat suggets that he and Squirt Gun should form an alliance, so they can stay until the final two. They think it dosen't matter who the winner is, because they will both be in the Luxurious Hotel. Then, Strawberry shows up, asking what they were talking about. the two struggle to tell her, and Squirt Gun yells "OH MY GOSH, WHO'S THAT?" Strawberry thinks it's a prank, and says she isn't falling for it.

It cuts to Pizza fighting with some strange creature over a button. Paddle screams in fear.

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