Throwing To Victory! Is the fifth episode of Battle for Luxurious Hotel season 1, and the fifth episode overall. It was released on Friday, July 20th 2018.

Description Edit

Oh good, a throwing contest. Good thing Beach Ball has arms! Join the contestants as they try to through the ball as far as they can. Who will through the farthest? Will it be fair or will others get an advantage?

Plot Edit

Cold Open Edit

Waffle bumps into Bowling Ball, who he can't seem to remember... Net tries to remind him, and remembers that he went missing in Episode 3. Diamond, calling Bowling Ball his pal, is really happy that he returned. Bowling Ball doesn't remember them being friends. Diamond asks to play Football, despite holding a Basketball.

The Mysteries of the Great Lake Edit

Shovel asks Pizza about a lake. Pizza tells him that over the lake is Ginizama, the city containing the Luxurious Hotel. Shovel gets really exvited, and attempts to cross the lake, then realises he doesn't know how to swim.

Elimination Edit

As soon as the elimination starts, Crown suggests picking up the pace. Pizza agrees, announcing Bread, and Clover safe. Only 3 contestants remain. Umbrella is safe, leaving Crown, and Tape at risk. Crown regrets his decision, and decides to slow it down. Bread, and Clover team up against Crown, who ends up getting eliminated.

Crown moves off the platform, knowing that Crown can't get him now. Pizza sets it on vacuum mode, and Crown gets sucked in to the Elimination Area.

Contest Edit

Bread finds out the prize is a robotic arm. Pizza says the 5th contest is throw the balls as far as possible. The 5 contestants who throw the ball the least amount of distance end up UFE. Beach Ball says he is gonna win the challenge sarcastically, because of his lack of arms. He kicks the ball, and it doesn't end up going that far.

Rankings Edit

Ranking Image Contestant Distance Difference
1st Clover pose Clover 1157.2m +1.8m
2nd BreadSad Bread 1155.4m +106m
3rd Tape pose Tape 1049.4m +987.3m
4th Net pose Net 62.1 +5.5m

Votes Edit

Clover: 94 Votes

Bread: 125 Votes

Umbrella: 137 Votes

Tape: 192 Votes

Crown: 689 Votes (Eliminated)

Total Votes: 1257

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